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Course contents

The LL.M. in IP is composed of 4 different phases delivered over a 12 month-period (September 2024 to August 2025).

All activities will be in English.

 The Program is worth a total of 60 credits (CFU - Crediti Formativi Universitari), for a total amount of 1.500 hours, divided as follows:

  • 375 hours of on-campus lectures and distance learning
  • 1125 hours of Individual Study and Final test.


The course is based on an international comparative law, and multi-disciplinary teaching methodology. Theory and practice are combined in order to provide students with essential knowledge and competences in IP from the prespectives of international law as well as different legal systems. 

The approach promotes discussion, debate and diversity by providing opportunities for exchange and peer learning, both in the curriculum's lectures and practical activities. The diverse profiles and backgrounds of lecturers and participants create and international forum for exchange of knowledge, opinions and ideas. The objectives include learning IP from a wider perspective, including not only international law, but also economics, science, policy, and the arts. 

Participants will be able to:

  • Attend lectures with internationally renowned experts and professors;
  • Participate in in-depth tutorial, workshops, practical exercises, and case-studies;
  • Attend a study visit to the WIPO Headquarters in Geneva; 
  • Receive academic guidance and support from dedicated tutors and advisors;
  • Receive support in authoring and original research paper as the final project;
  • Attend the program's Annual Conference on a specialized IP topic;
  • Network with international IP experts and join the ranks of the closely-knit international Alumni group.


 Course topics

The course is divided into 4 phases (click on the following menu items):

1. WIPO Distance Learning

The first phase consists of three WIPO modules offered through distance learning.
This initial phase is designed to provide all the participants with a preliminary and homogeneous background.
The distance learning modules are delivered from September 2 to December 13, 2024.
They are based on the successfully tested “Copyright and Related Rights” (DL-201); “Patents” (DL-301); and “Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications” (DL-302), all designed by WIPO IP experts.

Each module ends with an exam.

2. UniTo Distance Learning

The second phase of the programme is hosted by the University of Turin and continues the Online Distance Learning method (ODL). This phase will be held from January 13 to February 28, 2025.

There are three main objectives in this phase:
• for participants to become familiar with one another and develop intra-group collaboration, as well as get to know the main faculty from UNITO, SAA and WIPO;
• for participants to get used to participating in IP discussions from a cross-disciplinary and international perspective;
• for participants to begin developing their research paper projects by choosing topics, and drafting research outlines.

3. Residential

The third phase consists of the residential part of the programme. It is an intensive classroom learning period delivered at the SAA’s campus in Turin from March 17 to June 27, 2025 and at WIPO’s headquarters in Geneva during a 3-day study visit.
This phase starts with a review of the current IP regime followed by economic analysis of IP law. It explores IP protection at national, regional and international levels. Lectures on the following modules are offered by professors aswell as IP experts:
• IP and International Law;
• IP and Economics;
• Patents and Trade Secrets;
• Copyright and Related Rights;
• Trademarks,Geographical Indications, and DomainNames
• IndustrialDesigns;
• Unfair Competition and Antitrust;
• IP Management;
• IP Managerial and Entrepreneurial skills;
• IP and SMEs;
• IP Enforcement.

Class teaching will be enriched by case-study sessions, skills development workshops as well as exercises in legal drafting.
A full-time tutor is assigned to the class in order to respond to participants’ clarification needs and to provide remedial support, as required.
During this phase of the programme, the participants, working individually or in small groups and with the assistance of an advisor, prepare a first draft of a research paper on a topic of their interest.
The last week of the residential phase includes a workshop during which the participants present their draft research papers to the entire class and representatives of organizing institutions, the annual conference of the LL.M., and a meeting with the alumni.

Two written exams are held during this phase of the programme.

4. Completion and submission of the research paper

This part stretches from June 30, to August 29, 2025.
Participants are required to submit the final version of the research paper initially drafted during the residential period.
Submission and subsequent grading of the final research paper conclude the programme.
The three best papers will be offered proof-reading support and will be promoted by WIPO and the University of Turin through digital publication on specific sections of their online outlets and on the Social Sciences Research Network under with a dedicated heading.

The detailed curriculum for the residential phase will be provided in due course to admitted participants. 

All learning activities are managed through a dedicated online platform. 


Study visit in GEnEvA

The Residential Phase of the program includes a Study Visit to the WIPO Headquarters in Geneva. During this visit, participants are able to attend discussion sessions with WIPO experts, have meetings with WIPO officials, use the WIPO library, and develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the UN Agency whose mandate is the administration of the global IP system.

  • COREP - Via Ventimiglia 115 - Turin - Italy    Phone : +39 011 633.99.254 - llm-ip@corep.it
  • www.corep.it

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