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Why this course

This one-year program shares the vision of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and its Academy to promote the development of IP, and advanced education in IP law, policy, and management.

Intellectual Property law is facing unprecedented challenges. Evolving issues like digital technologies, communication networks, big data, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology raise questions related to the continuous need to define an optimal interface between law, technology, and society. Similarly, IP law has become a crucial dimention in discussions on economic development, innovation, scientific progress, and cultural diversity.

In view of the above, the LL.M. in IP attracts professionals from the public and private sectors as well as academics who wish to acquire the skills required to play a leading role in the practice and teaching of IP through a well-tested international and comparative law approach. The curriculum aims at providing an in-depth examination of the classical subject matter of IP law, including patents, trademarks, geographical indications, copyright and related rights, design, software, databases, plant varieties, and trade secrets. Furthermore, it analyzes fronteir issues relating to digital markets, e-commerce, innovation, traditional knowledge, and the creative industries. 

The learning objectives give specific attention to the interaction between innovation, creativity, IP protection, development, trade, and entrepreneurship. Participants have a range of backgrounds including law, economics, science, engineering, and business. Lecturers also come from a range of technical and professional backgrounds, and include WIPO experts, university professors, and international consultants. The diversity in the profile and backgrounds of students and lecturers make the LL.M. in IP a truly international forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge, opinions and ideas that are entrenched in various legal systems and cultures.

Key factS

  • More then 700 graduates from over 95 countries

  • Strong international-level and multidisciplinary faculty

  • Mix of lectures, distance learning, study visits, best practices analysis, research work

  • Approach focused on real world

  • Organization of an Annual conference in IP

  • Program organized by University of Turin in partnership with WIPO, SAA and managed by COREP.




  • COREP - Via Ventimiglia 115 - Turin - Italy    Phone : +39 011 633.99.254 - llm-ip@corep.it
  • www.corep.it

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